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Karen Cohen

By: Karen Cohen on April 01, 2023

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Does My Business Need A Separate Guest Wi-Fi Network?

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With the proliferation of electronic devices that we use every day, most of us are used to being connected at all times. Whether we are checking stock prices, email or text messages, it’s rare that we fully unplug. 

Many businesses provide guest Wi-Fi access for the convenience of their customers. But all guest Wi-Fi access is not created equal.

In this article, we’ll explore what a guest Wi-Fi network is, the different ways businesses provide guest Wi-Fi access, and the benefits of creating a separate Wi-Fi network for guests. 

After you read this article you’ll have the information you need to decide whether a separate guest network is a good solution for your organization

At Kelser, we advise businesses of all sizes about technology. But rather than use articles like this to convince you to work with us, we post honest information business leaders like you can use to make the right technology decisions for your organization. 

What Is Wi-Fi? 

Let’s start at the top with a simple explanation of Wi-Fi. 

Wi-Fi is a wireless technology that we use to connect devices to the internet. Wi-Fi translates radio signals sent by wireless routers into data.

What Is Guest Wi-Fi Access?

Many businesses provide Wi-Fi access to the internet for the convenience of their customers. While customers are on-site, they can use Wi-Fi to stay connected to the internet.

How Do Businesses Provide Guest Wi-Fi Access?

Businesses generally provide guest Wi-Fi access to the internet in one of two ways:

1. Via Business Network

Some organizations allow customers to access the company’s main Wi-Fi network while on site. 

2. Via A Separate Guest Wi-Fi Network

Other businesses establish a separate guest Wi-Fi network to segregate guest Wi-Fi traffic from the business network.  

What Is The Safest Way To Provide Guest Wi-Fi Access? 

When businesses allow customers to access the company’s main Wi-Fi network, they often don’t realize the risks. If someone accesses your business network with an infected device, there is the potential for other devices on your network to become infected. 

And if someone with malicious intent access your organization’s network, they can gain access to sensitive information and even launch cyber attacks that can have devastating effects on your business ranging from malware to ransomware

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The safest way to provide guest Wi-Fi access is to set up a separate, password-protected network. This allows guests access to the internet, but not to your business-specific network resources like shared folders, sensitive documents, or devices.  

Is Setting Up A Separate Guest Wi-Fi Network Difficult? 

Many routers and networks provide straightforward options for establishing separate guest Wi-Fi networks. It is usually not difficult to set up a separate network and if it is beyond the capabilities of your internal IT team, your internet service provider (ISP) can often help. 

And, since the guest Wi-Fi network is typically established through your existing Wi-Fi router, there is no extra cost to set up or use the additional network.  

Why Is It Important For Businesses To Have A Separate Guest Wi-Fi Network? 

As we’ve mentioned, the main advantage of separate guest Wi-Fi networks is the added security provided by establishing a separate lane for guest traffic. 

While your business network remains separate and protected behind a firewall, guests can still access the internet without being able to see devices and information stored on your business network.  

Does My Business Need A Separate Guest Wi-Fi Network? 

Best practice is for businesses to create a separate Wi-Fi network for guests. 

After reading this article, you understand the safety concerns of allowing guests access to your business network. We’ve talked about how easy it is to establish a separate network for guests and that there is virtually no extra cost to your business. 

In short, providing guests with a separate network is the only way to provide customers with internet access and protect your network from unintentional or intentional damage

At this point, you may be wondering how to establish a separate guest Wi-Fi network. You may have internal resources that can handle this task for you or you may need help from an external IT support organization. 

If you are considering external IT support to help you establish a separate guest Wi-Fi network or to help with other technology-related issues, we encourage you to explore several providers to ensure that you get one that is the right fit for your organization. 

At Kelser, we provide proactive managed IT services and solutions for businesses in Connecticut and the surrounding area. While we know that manage IT isn’t the right answer for every organization, many businesses find that it is a comprehensive solution that keeps their technology aligned with their business strategy. network safe, available, and efficient.

Read this article to learn what managed IT includes and how much it costs

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