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Adam Stahl

By: Adam Stahl on March 30, 2016

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Event Recap: Elevate Your Game with HyperConverged

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WEST HARTFORD – A team of presenters led by former UConn Husky Donny Marshall discussed teamwork and the benefits of hyperconverged systems at a wine dinner that went into overtime. Guests were enthusiastically participating in the evening’s discussion while enjoying good food, wine and camaraderie at Fleming’s Steakhouse and Wine Bar.

Following Marshall, Scott Wood (Vice President of US Presales Solution Architects at Hewlett Packard Enterprise), and Matt Kozloski (Director of Technology at Kelser) addresses topics such as the content challenges of small and large business, what businesses can learn from cloud giants like Facebook and Amazon, composable infrastructure, and workload diversity.

“What strikes me about workload diversity is that companies like Facebook or Amazon can optimize for a handful of major applications with purpose built hardware and software,” said Kozloski. “Their footprint is huge but the number of apps they’re running could be less diverse than small businesses.”

Attendees learned that hyperconverged fits anywhere in the modern IT space. Its simplicity and reliability empower companies with limited people resources to get an effective handle on supporting the diversity of apps in their environment. This frees up resources to focus on efficiently using their systems, instead of using those resources to constantly manage them.

“The key to empowering 24/7 business is in the power of software,” said Kozloski. “Software drives hyperconverged. Software can be updated, modified, and evolve over time.”

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