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Adam Stahl

By: Adam Stahl on May 12, 2016

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Event Recap: Secure Your Mobile Workforce

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HARTFORD – Kelser, HP Inc., and Intel educated guests about security threats to their mobile workforces and how to protect against those threats during a lunch and learn at VIVO Seasonal Trattoria.

Matt Kozloski (VCDX, CISSP, and Kelser Director of Technology) presented different ways that hackers attempt to access data from on-the-go workforces every day. His presentation was punctuated by a live, grey hat, man-in-the-middle attack demonstration. Kozloski setup a convincingly phony wireless network then showed guests some of the many different ways a hacker could begin harvesting information from that attack vector – and how easy it is for anyone to fall prey to.

Beyond man-in-the-middle eavesdropping attacks, Kozloski covered threats such as mobile malware, unauthorized access, and unlicensed or unmanaged applications as well as ways to protect workforces against such threats.

Today’s mobile workforce faces more sophisticated cyber threats than ever before.  Coupled with the data (or access to it) they carry with them on multiple devices at any given time, organizations need to strike a balance between risk mitigation and user empowerment. IT teams need to employ a defense-in-depth strategy providing endpoint to internet protection to secure their mobile users. Want help creating your defense-in-depth strategy? Talk to Kelser about how we can help you protect your mobile workforce and critical business data.

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Adam is Kelser's Digital Strategist who invites boundless creativity to achieve outcomes that inspire confidence.

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