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Adam Stahl

By: Adam Stahl on February 29th, 2012

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Event Recap: The Future of Backup and Recovery

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Hartford CT - IT executives and technology experts from the Hartford region met at Max Downtown to learn about the “Future of Backup and Recovery”. Hosted by Kelser Corporation, the event discussed the challenges IT professionals face when backing up data, and the process of necessary restoration. Kelser’s Jon Stone and Hewlett-Packard’s Derek Kelly presented to an enthusiastic room that held no empty seats. Attendees enjoyed a three course lunch while gaining valuable insight into industry leading backup solutions.

Stone identified challenges that arise from data usage and protection. He related, “Data continues to grow as an integral part of today’s business. Backup windows remain the same, so IT folks are constantly faced with the issue of how to meet them. However, some of the options create separate issues.” Adding more backup devices to meet the current needs requires more investment, more time spent on backups, and an increase in the chance for human error. Meeting backup windows isn’t the only problem according to Stone. Cost and complexity of disaster recovery, protecting data at remote locations, and the time taken to restore are all part of the issues surrounding backup strategies. A good solution, after proper analysis of the environment and business needs, would be the HP D2D line of products.

HP Solutions Architect, Derek Kelly, dove into the D2D product line and discussed the scalable features that could solve many of the struggles defined by Stone. The deduplication features handle large amounts of data in an innovative way. Coupled with the StoreOnce technology, they both provide a preferred solution for backup and recovery strategies.

Both Stone and Kelly’s presentations were interactive and well received by the audience. As dessert was finished, many of the IT executives in the room debated their own organization’s future of backup and recovery.

To learn more about Kelser Professional Services and HP line of D2D backup products, contact Jonathan Stone at jstone@kelsercorp.com or (860) 610-2236.

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