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Adam Stahl

By: Adam Stahl on April 21, 2016

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Event Recap: Turbocharge Your VDI Initiative

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HARTFORD – Kelser and HPE hosted a lunch and learn event to showcase how HPE’s flash based 3PAR storage solution greatly improves the performance of persistent VDI implementations.

Matt Kozloski (VCDX and Kelser’s Director of Technology) along with Beth O’ Malley (HPE Storage Solution Architect) presented the technical and application benefits of the 3PAR and VDI pairing like increased speed and drive efficiency. When it comes to VDI deployment, backend storage performance is a big factor in determining whether or not end users have a positive experience.

Given the benefits that VDI can offer organizations, it’s not surprising that many are considering it. While many organizations may have the in-house capability to handle a VDI deployment, Kelser – and our clients – have found that a successful deployment works best when partnered with an experienced VDI implementer. We know where the rapids are and how to navigate them.

To learn how VDI could benefit your environment give us a call today.

To learn more about cost-effectively implementing VDI, read Matt’s “VDI Without Breaking the Bank: A Common Sense, Cost-Effective Approach” blog post.

For more information on HPE’s 3PAR, read our “What is HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage?” blog post.

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