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Adam Stahl

By: Adam Stahl on October 5th, 2016

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Event Recap: 2016 Rugged Maniac

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A team of 13 Kelser employees, friends, and family triumphed over the obstacles at Motocross 338 for the 2016 Rugged Maniac mud obstacle course race.

Sporting their bright green “You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry” team shirts in the brisk fall air, the team ran through, crawled under, hurdled over, and swam across the 27 challenging obstacles that made up the 5K race. The water was cold and the mud was slick but spirits were high as determination and teamwork made for a victorious finish.

At the finish line, the team was awarded with their well-deserved racer medals and a complimentary beer/cider to celebrate their victory. After cruising through the festival area, the team joined other racers at the official Rugged Maniac After Party hosted by Louie B’s restaurant to unwind before heading home to recuperate.


About Rugged Maniac

Remember when you were a kid and you used to run around outside with your friends climbing trees, jumping in puddles, playing tag, and just plain having fun? Well Rugged Maniac is simply an adult version of that! We build 25+ epic obstacles for you and your friends to play on (like fire jumps, water slides, trampolines, and underground tunnels), put them in a 3-mile course, and then throw a crazy party with plenty of beer and music!


Kelser Krew at 2016 Rugged Maniac

About Adam Stahl

Adam is Kelser's Digital Strategist who invites boundless creativity to achieve outcomes that inspire confidence.

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