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Adam Stahl

By: Adam Stahl on March 19th, 2015

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Five Ways You Can Lower Costs with Microsoft Office 365

Office 365

There are many businesses that are making the transition to the cloud. They do so for many reasons, including lower costs, more opportunities for collaboration, and a mobile experience. Office 365 is a subscription service that’s in the cloud and is managed by Microsoft. Adopting Microsoft Office 365 is one of the simplest ways to transition your business to the cloud.

In this post, we will discuss five ways that Office 365 can help you lower costs.

Eliminate Some IT Costs

The Office 365 suite can save your small business hours of time and money by reducing the work required to successfully manage IT infrastructure. With Office 365, you can easily add and manage user accounts without expert IT knowledge, using a web-based management portal specifically designed for small organizations.

Moving to the cloud is beneficial because it allows Microsoft to assume resource allocation and maintenance, which gives your IT department the time they need to focus on customer needs, instead of infrastructure needs.

Eliminate The Need For Some Third-Party Software

Frequently, businesses build up a collection of software to assist daily business operations, software that Office 365 could replace. For instance, Forefront Online Protection for Exchange eliminates the need for additional email anti-spam and antivirus software.

With multiple software programs, users must keep up with periodical billing; however, it is easy to manage Office 365’s monthly rate. Think of it like a utility (like electricity or water): you will pay a predictable monthly rate based on your actual usage of the service, and you will have around the clock access to the latest software updates.

Work From Anywhere

Another key feature of Office 365 is the ability to access it virtually anywhere, as long as you can connect to the Internet. If your company has representatives on the road, employees in different time zones, or even workers that need to access information on the go, you’re in luck: Office 365 works seamlessly across desktops, tablets and smartphones, giving you even greater flexibility to work from various devices.

Reduce Web Conferencing Costs

Microsoft Lync Online is a robust web conferencing platform integrated with Office 365. Using one system company-wide can cut downtime when running meetings and altogether reduce the need for additional software costs. For once, everybody can be on the same page.

Speed Up Processes

Utilizing Office 365 means your business can take advantage of all the benefits without having to invest heavily in specialized technology, equipment, servers, software and maintenance. Cloud computing significantly reduces the time to add new hardware, software, storage and networking resources. You can add servers, storage, bandwidth, and cloud desktops to the existing IT Infrastructure. This can help you to focus on your key business objectives and ramp up IT resources when required.

Kelser | Microsoft Office 365

Kelser can help you transition from your on premise or hosted email solution to Office 365. As veterans of Microsoft, Kelser knows how to ensure a smooth conversion while guaranteeing that business-critical functionality is maintained. We also know how to help you to further leverage Office 365 within your organization so that you can save additional costs or drive additional value.

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