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Adam Stahl

By: Adam Stahl on June 9th, 2015

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How Can My Business Cut Costs With Microsoft Office 365?

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Dollarphotoclub_67868484-067165-editedOne simple way to cut costs is to reassess the software you are paying for and why you are paying for it. If there is anything that can be cut or replaced with a more cost effective alternative, you should try it. Without further ado, we will discuss how Microsoft Office 365 can help your business to cut costs.

Surely, the ability to automate basic office tasks is one of the major benefits of Office 365; however, many businesses forget that Microsoft’s cloud service goes well beyond and above basic automation. You could be missing out on saving opportunities from Office 365 if you are still manually managing time-off requests, service requests, expense reimbursements, or other core business processes. Upon first observation, it may seem Office 365 is targeted at helping small businesses; however, with a little research, it becomes apparent that even the larger businesses could boost their efficiency and cut costs through the adoption of Office 365.

So how can your business expect to cut costs with Microsoft Office 365?

General Productivity Gains Cut IT & Communication Costs

Your employees can experience improved communication and better knowledge sharing through the use of Office Professional Plus, Exchange Online, and SharePoint Online. For example, when employees work remotely, Office 365 gives them the ability to access all documents and IT resources as if they were on-premises. Microsoft offers Office 365 from geographically diverse, fully redundant sites providing reliable availability and resiliency that Microsoft guarantees with a financially-backed 99.9 uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA). Also, your business receives productivity benefits from Microsoft’s tools without having to deal with the backend headaches- that’s Microsoft’s job! 

So, your IT department won’t be swamped with tedious daily requests like keeping software and hardware running properly. Office 365 expands workplace productivity while helping your key personnel, allowing you to improve your top and bottom line. As the global workforce continues to evolve towards remote opportunities, Office 365 gives you the tools to stay competitive.

If you want to learn more about IT integration and cutting IT costs, check out our blog post, “What Are The Benefits Of IT Integration?”

All Inclusive Pricing Lowers Barrier To Entry

Microsoft regularly updates Office 365 and will offer you 12 months notice of significant changes. With flexible, predictable, pay-as-you-go pricing options, you can rest-assured, knowing that all the features you purchase will be supported, helping you budget more effectively and avoid unexpected expenditures. With Office 365, you get what you sign up for, with no hidden costs or surprises. Office 365 offers flexibility to change services to meet your needs easily with predictable pricing plans.

Kelser | Microsoft Office 365

The ROI will vary from one company to the next, depending on how many users you have, which Office 365 plan you choose, and what costs and expenses you can eliminate from switching to Office 365.

Kelser can help you transition from your on premise or hosted email solution to Office 365. Kelser knows how to ensure a smooth conversion while making sure that business-critical functionality is maintained. We also know how to help you to further leverage Office 365 within your organization so that you can save additional costs.

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