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By: Kelser on April 13th, 2016

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How Cisco and Kelser Are Revolutionizing the IT Industry With Cisco UCS

Modern Data Center

Kelser Corp and Cisco have been working together to provide businesses with the latest technology, proving to be both leaders and innovators in the industry. Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) helps businesses simplify their operations, reduce their costs, and increase their speed, while Kelser provides customized technology solutions that help clients get the most out of their technology investments.

Here’s a deeper look at how Cisco UCS functions, and how our teamwork is helping clients’ businesses to succeed in this fast-changing, technological world:

Cisco UCS

IT has been rapidly changing due to the increase of technology being used in business. Big data, virtualization, and the cloud have made IT infrastructure paramount for a business’ survival. As many data centers grow, their infrastructure becomes more complex, and requires more equipment, which drives up the cost, and slows down responsiveness. Furthermore, Cisco claims that maintenance consumes 75 percent of IT budgets.

Cisco UCS aims to simplify this process. It uses a fabric-centric architecture to enhance application performance and scalability, to speed up IT delivery to businesses, and to reduce CapEx and OpEx. Fabric computing enables UCS to integrate storage, networking, and servers into one system, which leads to better application performance.

Furthermore, Cisco UCS offers self-integrating components, and application-specific service profiles that eliminate manual infrastructure assembly, and repetitive system management tasks. Since the infrastructure is simplified, the system is scalable, and permits automation through an open XML API, with popular system management suites, and integration with orchestration tools and cloud architecture.

Cisco UCS supports applications that require bare metal or virtualized servers, local and centralized storage, rack or blade form factors, and scale-up or scale-out topologies. It also supports private, public, and hybrid cloud architectures, as well as dispersed data centers, centralized IT organizations, and multi-tenant architectures.

According to a SlideShare presentation from Cisco, some of the benefits of UCS include an 83 percent reduction in provisioning times, a 66 percent reduction of management costs, a 49 percent reduction of power costs, and a 77 percent reduction of cabling. In addition, it has a world-record application performance benchmark. These stats show that Cisco UCS is a superior economic, and performance option, which is why Cisco has grown to have over 43,000 customers in 2015, 85 percent of which are Fortune 500 companies.

Kelser Corp

We at Kelser Corp have devised customized technology solutions to help businesses grow, and thrive in their given industries. Instead of prescribing generic solutions, we pride ourselves on being “biznologists,” which means our team starts by understanding a client’s business and technology needs.

Kelser does everything from improving collaboration, extending our reach with customers, and strengthening our connections. Our company works with everything, including network design, email, technology security, cloud, and virtualization. By partnering with some of the top companies in the technology industry, like Cisco, we ensure that our solutions are tailor-made and effective for our clients.

Our Partnership

Since 2011, Kelser has been one of a few companies to earn the Cisco Advanced Unified Computing Technology Specialization, and is one of five companies to have this certification on the East Coast. This certification enables Kelser to design, sell, and distribute Cisco UCS. In addition, the UCS specialization is helping Kelser to manage its data center solutions practice, and meet the demands of its customers in the financial and insurance industries.

The partnership between Cisco and Kelser has enabled both our companies to expand our client base, and provide customized, optimized, and efficient technology solutions to a variety of industries. By taking a look at what our clients need, simplifying the process and infrastructure, and reducing costs, we ensure that there is less downtime, an enhanced ability for companies to scale and grow their businesses, and less waste in server and cabling equipment.

To learn what Cisco UCS, designed and implemented by Kelser, could do for your organization, give us a call today.

Check out this UCS Test Report below to see the real benefits Cisco UCS can provide.

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About Kelser

By actively listening to the client, Kelser has consistently met the needs of its client base for over 30 years. Through attentive observation of the changing industry, Kelser is able to react quickly to provide the best service and solutions available. Thanks to the dedication of our professional staff, this agility has advanced us as leaders in our industry.

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