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By: Kelser on February 20th, 2018

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How an IT Company in Connecticut Can Minimize Virtualization Security Threats

Cybersecurity | Managed Services

IT ConnecticutThe use of cloud computing continues to expand, but an IT company in Connecticut can help minimize the risks of virtualization security threats. As you know, virtualization is a key component of cloud technology, since it provides users with never-before-seen levels of flexibility by emulating hardware that operates solely on the cloud. Of course, virtualization isn't without risks, such as communication blind spots, hackers or various cyberattacks, but an IT provider can minimize the potential for these risks through updates and the latest advances in technology. If you would like to know more about virtualization, here are a few of the common threats and how an IT provider can counteract these issues:

Communication Blind Spots

One of the security vulnerabilities of cloud services is that the virtual machine is integrated into the cloud server, which creates a lack of visibility within the network. In other words, this lack of visibility can be susceptible to malware, which hackers can use to gain control of each virtual machine. The hypervisor, which is also known as the virtual machine monitor, allows all the devices to communicate together with the physical hardware. However, the best way to avoid this scenario is through the use of a cyber security team in Connecticut that offers around-the-clock surveillance to detect any suspicious activity. Fortunately, an IT provider can isolate this threat before it causes widespread damage and save your company from losing valuable data to hackers.

Risks of Rapid Provisioning & Decommissioning

In the virtualization world, rapid provisioning and decommissioning happen on a frequent basis. It is possible that an inactive virtual machine can fail to receive the latest security updates, which poses a significant security risk if it is ever reactivated. Obviously, an outdated virtual machine can be exploited in many ways by a hacker but partnering with an IT company in Connecticut can help your business avoid making this critical mistake. An IT provider will ensure that any reactivated virtual machine will receive the most recent security updates before it begins operating on a full-time basis. However, the lack of updates can enable a hacker to create a clone of the unprotected virtual machine template and cause widespread damage.

Virtualization will continue to grow in popularity, and an IT company in Connecticut can ensure that your company is protected from these security vulnerabilities. Understanding these various risks can help you avoid becoming the next victim of a cyberattack and enable an IT provider to fix any obvious deficiencies. Kelser Corporation is a managed service provider that focuses on cybersecurity and providing the ultimate customer service available. We understand the many benefits of virtualization, which include allowing your company to be flexible and providing a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. Of course, it is essential to understand any security vulnerabilities, and our IT staff will provide around-the-clock monitoring to ensure that everything is working correctly. We are also available at any time to answer questions and provide guidance in the vast world of cloud services. If you are interested in finding out more about virtualization, contact us today.

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