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By: Kelser on June 13th, 2018

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IT in Connecticut: 4 Benefits of IoT Technology

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The IoT (Internet of Things) technology has played a pivotal role in many businesses, especially for companies in the manufacturing industry. IoT has transformed the identity of manufacturing companies, as they have spent over $178 billion in 2016, according to IDC data. This number is only expected to continue to grow as more businesses transition into using IoT technology.

 Here are four ways that using an IT provider in Connecticut that offers IoT technology can benefit your company:

1. Competitive Advantage

One of the main advantages of IoT technology is that it can give your company a significant advantage over other organizations. IoT technology allows your business to substantially increase productivity and help each employee work much more efficiently. Add it all together, IoT technology is well worth the initial investment for any business.

2. Valuable Insight

Another benefit of using IT provider in Connecticut is that it enables your business to gain valuable insight that isn't possible without the use of IoT technology. For example, IoT technology can help your business to identify customer preferences and help you tailor your company to meet their specific needs. This added insight can help your manufacturing company to continue to evolve and avoid using outdated practices.

3. Asset Management

Managing inventory is a key responsibility of any manufacturing organization. The use of IoT technology is an excellent way to handle a wide range of assets. IoT technology can enable your business to keep track of your entire inventory and keep items in stock before they go on backorder. Asset management can save your company significant amounts of money and ensure that you never run the risk of running out of specific inventory items.

4. Improve Safety

Through the use of IoT technology, an IT provider can help your company avoid any mishaps. For example, IoT technology can improve the safety of machinery and automatically turn off equipment that is malfunctioning. IoT technology can also predict future breakdowns and enable your employees to perform proactive maintenance on equipment.

Partnering with an IT provider in Connecticut offers immense benefits for your business, which includes taking advantage of IoT technology. Kelser Corporation is an IT provider that focuses on providing the ultimate IT services for a wide variety of companies. We understand the critical role that IoT technology plays in the workplace and it is our mission to help your company gain complete access to this groundbreaking technology. If you want to learn more information regarding IoT technology, contact us now.

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