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By: Kelser on March 29th, 2018

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How IT Services in CT Can Help Your Business Fully Flourish Within its Intended Purview

Managed Services

IT services providers in CT can help your business concentrate on that which defines it at a core level. A great example is construction. If you're in a construction business, should you have a $50k+ yearly budget aimed at servers, CAD solutions, and other tech needs as facilitated through an internal department? Will you be able to afford increased costs as your business expands?

Should You Really Be Doing It All?

If you were a group of 10 construction workers (including management) and one IT guy, if you expand enough, you'll need two IT people, then three, then four. You're not going to find one for less than $30k a year. Essentially, you'll be running your own internal IT company whose only client is your business.

That's too expensive, especially considering you can do the same thing through an outsourced MSP for a fraction of the cost. It's not just construction companies that stand to benefit from an adroit application of managed services, but many businesses that are unnecessarily spending tens of thousands annually on solutions better and less expensively derived through outsourced tech support. With that in mind, following are several advantages your business stands to experience through an upgrade to outsourced tech services:

  • More professional IT support
  • Better security
  • Access to cutting-edge tech innovation
  • Expanded competitiveness

More Professional IT Support

An outsourced IT company works with a variety of diverse clients that are both similar and dissimilar to your business. IT services providers in CT have an exterior perspective. This allows them to see weaknesses you didn't realize you had, as well as strengths, and accordingly augment your operations. Plus, when you outsource IT, you put greater firepower to the task of defending your business against technology enemies like errors, cybercriminals, and competitors.

Better Security

An internal IT team can't be proactively monitoring operations all the time, because:

  1. There aren't enough people to do so for most SMBs
  2. There isn't any time

Internal IT solutions are playing catch-up troubleshooting systems and maintaining operations. Security isn't an afterthought, but there isn't time to give it the fullest concentration it deserves. With an MSP, there is ample time.

Access to Cutting-Edge Tech Innovation

It is the prerogative of MSPs to maintain cutting-edge technology services and products. If they don't, they fall behind in terms of competition. Technology exponentially increases on itself at regular intervals. Finding a "niche" and treading water there isn't really viable for a tech company. You'll have access to the latest tech through the right MSP. Internally, you may not even be able to find out what the latest tech is.

Expanded Competitiveness

When you've got better technology, better security, and more professional, streamlined support, you're more likely to see optimization in general operations. The more streamlined your business is, the more competitive it will be--- and you can bet that competitors will be using some outsourced solution in some capacity.

Making the Outsourced Upgrade

Technology is always changing. Your best bet is to remain as cutting-edge as possible. IT services in CT through Kelser Corporation can help you enjoy expanded competitiveness through the latest tech innovations, better security, and expanded professionalized service provision. Contact us for technology you can rely on.


Are IT Managed Services Right For Your Organization?

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