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By: Kelser on May 3rd, 2018

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IT Services in CT: Offensive Approach to Tech Security

Cybersecurity | Managed Services

IT services providers in CT have adopted a new role in terms of technology security. Where before IT security was primarily defensive, it has recently become necessary for those MSPs providing such protections to go on the offensive.

Several proactive security management methods worth considering today include:

  • Active security measures
  • Training for cyberthreat recognition
  • Incorporating predictive analytic techniques

Active Security Measures

IT services providers in CT are increasingly managing security operations in a proactive way, which includes network monitoring. One notable way this is done is through Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). Another is through CASBs (Cloud Access Security Brokers) and a third involves data analytics, which will be explored further in this writing.

Training for Cyberthreat Recognition

Perhaps the greatest threat to security and that which you may ironically have the most control over is internal security. As it turns out, the vast majority of cybersecurity threats actually come from internal actors, acting without realizing they're putting your organization at risk. It's not that Wyoming Bob meant to download a virus onto your network. It's that he was on a night shift, supervising a phone line for a third-party contracting agency, and typical call volume for that shift was 4.3 calls per 8 hours.

Poor Bob had to keep his mind occupied, and he was watching TV online through a streaming site with a foreign server. A pop-up told him to download the new Java, so he did; unknowingly introducing ransomware into your network.

There are countless scenarios similar to this one which are entirely avoidable with the right training, security policies, and regular refreshers as new threats become known. The right MSP can help you train your staff to avoid incidentally compromising the network.

Incorporating Predictive Analytic Techniques

The idea behind today's predictive analytics is to keep an eye on your operational trends and those which may affect those operations, then predict where a cybercrime intrusion event may occur. Such prediction can subsequently lead to preemptive preventative action which reduces fallout, or totally eliminates it.

Though still in the early stages of implementation, there are many MSPs that can offer some notable predictive analytics security while simultaneously providing your business consultation pertaining to the best use of such technology.

Securing Your Business in an Active Way

IT services in CT from Kelser Corporation can help you build an effective, comprehensive security solution which will help you keep your business safe against even the most pernicious cybercriminal elements. Contact us now to find out more about proactive, "offensive" security measures which can be applied to your organization for protection that's more comprehensive.


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