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Adam Stahl

By: Adam Stahl on August 9th, 2011

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Press Release: Kelser to Launch Streamlined IT Procurement Software Solution

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East Hartford, CT – Kelser Corporation, a leading provider of technology solutions to the insurance and financial services sectors, announced today the scheduled early Q4 release of an automated procurement software solution designed to help customers reduce IT spending, improve reporting, and provide comparatives on items such as availability and carrier shipping costs.Dubbed KAPSA (Kelser Automated Procurement Software Application), the solution promises to offer significant savings and efficiency for both mid-sized and enterprise organizations regardless of their industry. Multiple variations, with a range of functionality options, of the solution are scheduled for launch including a complete SaaS Cloud offering and several integration options for ERP platforms such as Ariba, Oracle, and SAP.

Andrew Hoffmann, Kelser Vice President of Corporate Strategies stated “KAPSA is our formal public introduction of a platform we have been essentially developing and leveraging for the past two decades to some of our largest customers in the financial services space. We are excited to bring this to the open market, as not many of our competitors can provide IT supply chain as well as we can and KAPSA is an essential reason why.”

Unlike traditional “point and click” purchasing web sites, Kelser indicates that KAPSA will contain multiple integration points throughout the supply chain which include more than just supplier and customer ERP/Legacy systems. These will include manufacturing, distribution, freight carriers, support centers, and more. The result promises to offer an abundance of data tools and information available at the customer’s fingertips and fully customized to their requirements and preferences. Features will include comparative research, product and custom build lifecycle management, real time availability, order status, tracking, ROI and TCO calculators, and service and support status. The software will also automate management of customer purchasing agreements, budget targets, and will perform analytics on historical data such as pricing and buying habits.

In a recent interview, Kelser CEO Barry Kelly stated, “the solution aims to enhance the customer experiences for all Kelser customers. We have built our brand on exceptional service and building strong long term relationships. KAPSA is intended to compliment, not replace that vital human element. It is a tool designed to make IT procurement easier, cheaper, and more efficient.”

The company did not announce an exact release date but indicated an early Q4 2011 release.

To learn more about Kelser, visit www.kelsercorp.com/

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