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Adam Stahl

By: Adam Stahl on April 28th, 2011

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Ready to Get Thin?

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If you missed out on our Controlling Data Proliferation with 3PAR event back in March fear not. Kelser is actively conducting on-site presentations and demos of HP's latest acquisition slated to battle enterprise storage woes.Widely known as a thin storage pioneer, 3PAR® is not just a leader in thin provisioning, but in overall storage efficiency—including minimizing power consumption, reducing administration time, and promoting environmental responsibility.

With 3PAR it's all about

• Start Thin

• Get Thin

• Stay Thin

With the new generation of Thin Utility Storage from HP 3PAR, you're guaranteed* to get drastic reductions in your physical capacity needs by 50% when you move from traditional and legacy storage platforms to a 3PAR InServ Array.

*Contact Kelser today to learn more about the guarantee and schedule a web or onsite demonstration of 3PAR technology in action.

About Adam Stahl

Adam is a Biznologist who invites boundless creativity to achieve outcomes that inspire confidence.