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Adam Stahl

By: Adam Stahl on February 15th, 2011

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Kelser Adds Red Hat Virtualization Certification


East Hartford, CT - Kelser Corporation last week obtained the Red Hat Virtualization Certification adding the Linux giant's suite of products to an already robust practice surrounding software leader VMWare's cloud solutions.

Led by Kelser veteran James Merrigan, the solution offers value through the utilization of open sourced technology to serve as a catalyst for cutting edge virtualization platforms designed, implemented, and managed through Kelser engineering. According to Merrigan, "...unlike proprietary platforms like VMWare, Redhat allows us the option to further innovate customized ways to solve non-traditional virtualization initiatives for our larger customers."

Redhat's virtualization solutions have gained recent acclaim, particularly at the desktop. Although VMWare will remain as Kelser's premier virtualization partnership, alternative solutions from Redhat, Citrix, and others will contribute to further customized solutions across the enterprise.

For more information, visit www.redhat.com, www.kelsercorp.com, or contact Kelser press contacts at press@kelsercorp.com

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