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By: Kelser Press on May 26th, 2011

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Press Release: Kelser Corporation to Sell Cisco UCS

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East Hartford, CT – Kelser was awarded the Cisco Advanced Unified Computing Technology Specialization. The certification signifies completion of all training, pre-requisites, and other criteria which allows Kelser to design, sell, and deploy Cisco Unified Computing Solutions in the USA.

Cisco Premier PartnerAccording to Cisco Partner Services, Kelser is one of a select handful of companies across the US to achieve the certification, of which only five occupy the entire east coast and none other within Connecticut or Massachusetts. Kelser president Barry Kelly stated, “Although we have been working with the platform for some time through joint partnerships, achieving the UCS specialization is a long awaited milestone in our enterprise data center solutions practice.”

Utilizing the UCT Specialization enables Kelser to manage UCS projects independently until all criteria for full Cisco ATP (Advanced Technology Partner) status are completed. Kelser Vice President Andrew Hoffmann commented, “Achieving the certification was instrumental to our enterprise practice due to the platform’s demand from our core customers in the insurance and financial services space.”

The Cisco Unified Computing System unites network, computational, storage access, and virtualization resources in a single energy-efficient system that can reduce the costs and complexity of information technology (IT) infrastructure, help extend capital assets, and improve business agility well into the future. A new computing model, the Cisco Unified Computing System uses integrated management and combines a “wire once” unified fabric with an industry-standard computing platform to optimize virtualization, reduce the data center’s total overall cost, and provide dynamic resource provisioning for businesses that are becoming increasingly collaborative, mobile, and distributed.

To learn more about Kelser, visit www.kelsercorp.com/

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