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Adam Stahl

By: Adam Stahl on June 4th, 2012

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Kelser Corporation Among the First to Offer New 3rd Generation Intel Core vPro Processors for No-Compromise Business Computing


East Hartford, CT – Kelser Corporation, leading provider of technology solutions based out of Hartford, today announced that it is working with Intel to help business customers stay ahead of ever-growing security threats with a new generation of processors featuring an array of embedded security capabilities. Kelser will be among the first IT solution providers to offer the 3rd generation Intel Core vPro processor family, built for smart security without compromising intelligent performance.

This new generation of Intel Core vPro processors designed for business will enable Kelser Corporation to help clients safeguard sensitive data, protect and secure lost or stolen devices, and manage their IT assets cost-effectively. Businesses can take advantage of the latest Intel processors through a multitude of devices including Ultrabook devices, laptops, desktops, workstations and all-in-one PCs.

Howard Steinman, Vice President of Sales at Kelser Corporation stated, "In today's high risk world, security is always on the forefront of our client's mind. As a solutions provider, it is our responsibility to present our clients with the best technology and optimized solutions to meet their business requirements. Intel's new generation of processors provide a combination of security and performance in a variety of devices to meet the stringent needs of today."

The 3rd Generation Intel Core vPro processor family helps Kelser’s customers stay ahead of today’s advanced security challenges, from rootkit attacks to international security breaches, while evolving to offer new delivery models such as cloud computing and desktop virtualization. Intel vPro technology offers those customers a comprehensive solution that addresses four pillars of security:

  • Threat Management technologies such as Intel OS Guard prevent viruses, malware and other invading agents from digging in below the operating system level. Other embedded security technologies to manage threats include Intel Trusted Execution Technology for verifying a known safe environment for launching virtual machines, and Intel Virtualization Technology for enhancing and securing tasks in virtualized environments.
  • Identity and access protects one-time password (OTP) tokens and public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates, helping ensure that only authorized users can access authentication credentials, so that an invading agent cannot get in and grant itself higher, more sensitive authorizations. Intel vPro technology safeguards this pillar of security with Intel Identity Protection Technology
  • Data protection is achieved with ubiquitous encryption that does not compromise performance, thanks to Intel Advanced Encryption Standard –New Instruction (Intel AES-NI) and Intel Secure Key. To protect data on desktop and mobile PCs, as well as the devices themselves, Intel Anti-Theft Technology can remotely immobilize a lost or stolen PC even if the unit is powered down or the hard drive removed. If and when the Pc is recovered, it can easily be restored to full function.
  • Monitoring, remediation and reporting using Intel, Active Management Technology provides IT managers with secure, remote access to clients for fast troubleshooting and repair, automatically isolating infected PCs from the network. Using hardware-based KVM Remote Control, IT personnel can assume control of the keyboard, video and mouse for a “users eye” view of a device even when it is powered down or nonfunctioning.


About Kelser Corporation

From robust computing platforms to innovative storage and converged networks, Kelser brings solutions which enhance performance, productivity, stability and security. With an eye towards future growth, our team works with our clients to ensure the greatest overall return on their investment dollars.

The ability to bring resources together to solve a problem or improve a process is a key to success. Kelser has long been the gateway for clients to access the information and providers necessary to resolve complex challenges and facilitate efficiencies. To learn more about Kelser Corporation please visit http://www.kelsercorp.com

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