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Adam Stahl

By: Adam Stahl on December 19th, 2018

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Kelser Exec Gives TEDx Talk on Cybersecurity

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At the recent TEDxHartford event, Kelser Vice President of Professional Services Matt Kozloski spoke about cybersecurity. His goal -- and our goal as a Cybersecurity-as-a-Service provider -- is to change the way the we think about cybersecurity, so that it becomes part of our habits. Watch the video and enjoy some choice quotes below.

"Nothing tends to build self-confidence like self defense."

I like this concept a lot. Cybersecurity can feel daunting, but what if we flip the script and view it as empowering?

"We’re developing machines to defeat the machines."

Part of viewing cybersecurity as empowerment is understanding that we're not alone. Some of the best minds in the world are working on this problem and new technology emerges every year to protect our data and identities.

"There’s one thing that systems and consultants can’t do for you. Care. You have to care. We have to care that it’s important enough to protect our information and our identities and do something about it."

This is so true. A major component of our Cybersecurity-as-a-Service offering is cybersecurity awareness training. There's a lot we can do for our clients in terms determining the right tech to have in place, setting it up, and managing it. When it comes to cybersecurity habits, we can coach you, but we can't do it for you.

"Hackers today aren’t just tech geeks. They’re con artists."

People so often forget that almost every hack includes a deception. "Brute force" attacks that gain access strictly through technology (and not through human error) are relatively rare. That's why caring about cybersecurity is such a critical part of being protected.

"Imagine if we changed the way we think about technology. What if we all integrate it into the fabric of our daily lives, creating stronger and safer relationships with technology allowing us to enjoy the rich interconnected world we live in today?"

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