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Adam Stahl

By: Adam Stahl on February 2nd, 2011

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President Barry Kelly 2010 Summary Address


We set out to reorganize the company to prepare for future change and growth in the marketplace.  A number of significant business initiatives were undertaken including completion of the 100% transfer of ownership from former president Bruce Kelly to me.  We also implemented an improved management structure, back-end operational efficiencies, and a re-branding exercise in which we retired our NTS DBA. 

To date, bets have paid off.  The company posted 20% revenue growth in 2010 and we ended the year with the second highest December in our 30 year history.  January is appearing to be our highest on record and momentum continues in our favor.

Although much of our recent success is attributed to positive change, none would be possible without the continued support of our top tier partners like HP, Lenovo, Intel, and others.  We also added the acquisition of HSG Global Services, a business improvement firm with significant intellectual and human capital.  These relationships continue to be a mainstay of our business and future joint initiatives will help Kelser prosper in new unchartered markets. 

Last, I can not thank the employees of our company enough. As members of the Kelser family it is the contribution of each individual which fuels momentum through positivity, dedication, creative thinking, and a commitment to customer service unparalleled by our competitors. 

Through continued customer service and innovation, we plan to expand our presence within the finance, insurance, and commercial segments; providing Excellence in IT for 2011 and beyond.

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