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Adam Stahl

By: Adam Stahl on April 14th, 2014

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Press Release: East Hartford’s Kelser Corporation to Grow Workforce in 2014

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East Hartford, CT – While New England’s economy is still struggling to find its identity, many companies in the last several years have emerged from the recession and have hit the ground running. Organizations are constantly seeking the best way to achieve their business goals, using technology to power forward. During times of tight spending and budget cuts, technology can sometimes find itself in a lower priority field, with older equipment and methodologies sufficing business needs. When recessions are passed and budgets are replenished, there is often a mad dash to catch up on the neglected IT infrastructure that is necessary for the future of an organization. This has been the driving force behind the growth East Hartford’s Kelser Corporation has experienced during the last several years.

Today, most of Kelser’s clients have caught up in areas of IT that were lagging and are now stepping into the next chapter. Solutions like SSD and cloud that were once buzzwords are now viable and necessary parts of an organization’s business strategy. Because navigating these technologies can sometimes be challenging, a trusted and experienced partner is necessary to help with the process. Kelser specializes in prescribing solutions today to meet the business needs of tomorrow.

“Kelser is in a unique position as an IT solutions provider. With our diverse pool of partners, we could easily present the newest products with speeds and feeds to our clients,” related Howard Steinman, Vice President of Sales at Kelser. “Instead, we try to bring the conversation around to what their business requirements are, and then craft technology solutions to best meet those needs. It’s a formula that has helped our clients achieve their goals in the best possible way, and one that given us tremendous success. We are now aligned to further grow and build on that methodology.”

Kelser’s workforce grew by over 18% in 2013, a number that looks to be surpassed this year. Steinman is seeking experienced sales professionals to both serve current clients and pursue aggressive growth in areas of New England with perceived opportunity. Currently there are three open positions in sales, with more expected later in the year.

Steinman is encouraged by the future’s outlook. “I look forward to growing our team here. I enjoy the challenge that we have of delivering the best solutions with our team of experts and partners we have at Kelser. I value the relationships and success we have forged, and believe we can accomplish a lot in the upcoming years.”

Current positions are available on the Kelser careers page at http://www.kelsercorp.com/careers.


About Kelser Corporation:

Kelser Corporation delivers innovative technology solutions that solve business problems, drive competitive advantage and enable client success. Established in 1981, Kelser remains a hallmark of reliability, efficiency and innovation. For more than 30 years, our reputation of unmatched customer service has become a staple of the Kelser brand.

Today, Kelser continues to provide innovative products and leading edge services designed to provide maximum stability, security, and scalability. Our business is focused on Professional Services which includes Project Management, Engineering, and Executive Solutions; and Supply Chain Products and Services. To learn more about Kelser Corporation, visit http://www.kelsercorp.com.

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