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By: Kelser Press on May 14, 2019

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Press Release: Jim Parise Named President of Kelser Corporation

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Kelser is proud to announce that Jim Parise has been promoted to president. In 21 years with the company, Parise was previously vice president of professional services and an enterprise solutions executive. He was instrumental in launching Kelser's suite of professional services such as Cybersecurity-as-a-Service and technology lifecycle management.

"Jim has played a major role in shaping the company Kelser is today," says CEO Barry Kelly. "He has an excellent rapport with our employees and customers, and I'm thrilled for him to take a broader leadership role going into our next chapter." After taking ownership of the company in 2010, Kelly was president and CEO before passing the former title on to Parise this spring.

To begin his new role, Parise held one-on-one interviews with all 37 Kelser employees. "I wanted to be very proactive about gathering input from everyone in the company," he says. "We provide a wide range of services to diverse types of businesses, and every member of our team has unique knowledge and experience for us to draw on to continue to develop our offerings. We are extremely fortunate to have such a talented team at Kelser.”

Parise plans to expand Kelser's strategic role with its client organizations, continuing a process he put in motion when he designed the company's professional services portfolio. The next step is to expand Kelser's virtual CIO service to provide executive level insight to companies that do not require a full time CIO.

"Our team has always been embedded in our client organizations, adopting their point of view and using technology to enable their business goals," says Parise. "This new service formalizes that relationship and provides a way for technology to be a consideration of every strategic business decision our clients make. At the end of the day technology should align with the goals and initiatives for the business. Our CIO services ensure that alignment by understanding company strategy and providing informed guidance and insight on how to leverage technology to achieve it "

"In addition to his deep knowledge of business technology," says Kelly, "Jim truly represents the culture of Kelser. "He has a talent for getting people excited about working together toward a common goal, which is how we view our work both internally and with our clients."

About Kelser

Since 1981, Kelser Corporation has helped organizations achieve their goals through technology. Based in Glastonbury, Kelser is proud to assist a wide variety of organizations in the Northeast—including some of the largest companies in Connecticut—in using technology to move their businesses forward. Kelser’s experienced team of technology consultants understand their clients’ businesses as deeply as the products and services Kelser provides. The result is technology that works on behalf of businesses, not the other way around.

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