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Adam Stahl

By: Adam Stahl on March 23rd, 2011

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Press Release: Kelser Expansion Brings Enterprise Experience to SMB

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East Hartford, CT - Kelser Corporation, a leading provider of technology solutions to the financial services sector, officially announced offerings within the company’s four areas of business which are designed specifically for the commercial SMB market. The four primary areas include solutions for Business Intelligence, IT Supply Chain, IT Services, and Systems & Software Innovation.

According to Andrew Hoffmann, Kelser Vice President of Operations, “although the various solutions were originally designed with the commercial insurance and banking industries in mind, we’ve found that most commercial SMB organizations (privately held under 5000 seats) benefit from our approach which is much different than your run-of-the-mill VAR. As a result, we’re seeing some considerable traction within other verticals such as tech, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, and hospitality.”

According to a spokesperson, the key to progress has been the company’s ability to bring solutions, processes, history, and a team of people accustomed to meeting the requirements and demands of a much larger, more complex market segment. In addition, Kelser President Barry Kelly kicked off an aggressive growth plan in early 2010 which included a revamped sales and marketing plan, new systems and processes, new hires, and corporate acquisitions designed to increase the company’s market share in both the enterprise and SMB sectors.

Investments have paid off.

Since the late 2009 opening of their first branch office in Springfield, Ma., Kelser Corporation has grown market share of both enterprise and non-enterprise business up and down New England and currently approaching New York. For almost three decades prior, the company was known almost exclusively as a provider of high transaction technology supply chain solutions to the enterprise financial services sector under its previous DBA, New Technology Systems (NTS).

Kelser is presenting at a number of industry venues over the coming months such as the National LOMA conference, has accepted an invitation to present at this year’s CIO Forum in CT, and has recently been nominated to receive a coveted Business Champions Award by the Hartford Business Journal.

Kelser Corporation President Barry Kelly stated, “we’re very pleased with our progress over the past year in both the enterprise and SMB market segments which have exceeded the overall expectations of our short term growth strategy.”

To learn more about Kelser Corporation, please visit www.kelsercorp.com

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