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Adam Stahl

By: Adam Stahl on December 22nd, 2011

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Press Release: Kelser Gives Back – New Foundation Celebrates the Spirit of Giving

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East Hartford, CT – Kelser Corporation today announced the creation of a new organization dedicated to the human spirit of giving. The Kelser Foundation will formally expand the company’s active role in supporting charities locally, nationwide and across the globe.

While the Foundation is new, the activities it supports are not. Through the tireless efforts of the company’s employees, families, customers, partners and friends, philanthropy has become more than an initiative—it has been adopted into a way of life for the company. The creation of the Foundation allows Kelser to augment and organize these activities to better serve the community.

Kelser President, Barry Kelly states, “I truly believe that giving is instinctual. The overwhelming need to affect someone’s life in a positive way through acts, deeds and/or contribution is very strong. Our ability to give will always be a part of a covenant between Kelser and its community.”

The Kelser Foundation creates and maintains relationships with members of the community to assist those in need, with a clear eye on results. Since its inception in 1981, Kelser has contributed more than $750,000 in funds, clothing and other goods, along with countless volunteer hours to those in need. These dollars and hours have supported healthy lung research and advocacy, youth development, veteran support, tree planting, and special needs programs in various organizations. While the individual programs may change, the overall goal does not.

Lisa Carroll, Marketing Manager for Kelser will oversee much of the Foundation’s activity. She has managed the Kelser Charity Golf Challenge for the last 15 years. As she related, “I am proud of what we’ve accomplished from the Challenge over the years. It exemplifies what we’re trying to attain through the creation of the Kelser Foundation. Managing this event and countless other initiatives through the Foundation will further ingrain “giving back” into the Kelser way.”

The foundation is currently sponsoring a toy drive for Gary Craig’s “We Are the Children” program. We Are The Children is an organization founded in 1985 by Gary Craig, morning radio personality 96.5 TIC-FM in Hartford, Connecticut that supports abandoned, battered, disadvantaged and needy children. This 100% volunteer organization assists over 1,200 needy children at its annual Christmas party with all goods and services donated by members of the local communities.

In 2011, Kelser participated in numerous charitable activities which totaled $41,600.00 in donations. These monies were generated from the Travelers Championship, Evening of Fine Wines, Kelser Charity Challenge, along with seven additional golf tournaments and two gala events in support of the American Lung Association.

The following are already on the books for the upcoming year:

  • April—Evening of Fine Wines to benefit the MCC Foundation and sponsor scholarships, Evening of Life and Breath to benefit the American Lung Association
  • June—2012 Travelers Championship; proceeds go to the Greater Hartford Jaycees and the Hole In The Wall Gang Camp.
  • September—16th Annual Kelser Charity Challenge; proceeds go to the American Lung Association

Please follow us on Twitter (@KelserCorp) and check the site often to see all current activities as well as photos and stories from previous events. To learn more about the Foundation or to get involved, please visit the www.kelsercorp.com/foundation

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