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Lisa Carroll

By: Lisa Carroll on June 17th, 2015

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What Are Microsoft Office 365's Top Security And Privacy Features?

Office 365 | Cybersecurity | Workforce Enablement

Security and privacy are both issues of contention as businesses start to accept the idea of using the cloud and Office 365. Though it is quite possible to experience a security breach from within, many businesses worry about security when they hear that their content will be stored somewhere other than their own servers.

Microsoft offers regular backups to ensure your data stays within your region, and they enforce the use of strong passwords, helping you to stay protected. Putting your data in "the cloud" sounds haphazard; however, it is quite reliable, so what does Office 365 data protection offer for both security and privacy to help appease these concerns?
Check out this ShareGate infographic to learn about Office 365's best security and privacy features.

Office 365 security and privacy features infographic
Crafted by: Sharegate, The SIMPLEST SharePoint Security & Management tool suite.

Kelser | Microsoft Office 365

If you are still concerned about Office 365's security and privacy features, check out our post, "Is My Data Really Secure In Microsoft Office 365?"

Kelser can help you transition from your on premise or hosted email solution to Office 365. Kelser knows how to ensure a smooth conversion while making sure that business-critical functionality is maintained. We also know how to help you to further leverage Office 365 within your organization so that you can save additional costs.

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