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Lisa Carroll

By: Lisa Carroll on April 14th, 2015

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What Are The Top Reasons Businesses Choose Microsoft Office 365?

Office 365 | Workforce Enablement

Try to think of a single suite of apps that users need on all of their devices. Are you having a hard time? It’s Office 365, Microsoft’s suite of productivity apps. Companies around the globe use it extensively; many employees live by Outlook email and Calendar tools. Office 365 still features all the classics: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These apps are familiar to businesses, students, and teachers, who rely on them for creating presentations and writing papers. In this blog post we will discuss some of the top reasons that small and midsized businesses choose Microsoft Office 365.


Office 365 is a phenomenally cost effective deal because it brings one of the most regularly used and relatively expensive software suites to everyone for a manageable price. That alone would be great. After all, making something more affordable and approachable is a surefire way to get more users interested. But Microsoft also throws in some interesting extras for Office 365 users.

For instance, if you subscribe to Office 365, you gain access to more cloud storage. It may sound like a minor benefit; however, Office 365 includes cloud storage so that users have the ability to access all of their documents on all of their devices.

Enterprise Security

With Office 365, your data is protected with the highest standard of security. Microsoft Exchange Online has built-in antivirus and spam filtering, offering you the ability to preserve your data with enterprise-grade reliability, continuous data back up, disaster recover capabilities, and a strict privacy policy. Office 365 is also designed to help you meet certain regulatory requirements.

Easy To Adapt

You will be pleased to hear this: with Microsoft Office 365, there is no learning curve hindering you from your enjoyment of the software.

If you have used productivity tools like Microsoft Office in the past, as a majority of companies have, you can expect no major issues when you are transitioning from the traditional desktop version, if you do choose to use the cloud.

Office 365 online offers essentially the same experience as the desktop version though there are some extra benefits that help to displace the disadvantages of more limited functionality. For example, with the online Office 365 experience, the software stays up to date at all times, eliminating the need to buy and install Office products in the future. This can certainly save a good chunk of money and time, which are essential for the success of any small and midsized business.

Real Time Collaboration

With the online version of Office, you will notice that real time collaboration has been vastly improved. Your documents are stored in a central cloud location, so your co-workers or employees will always have access to the most up-to-date version of a document- changes are even visible the moment they are made! You can even revert to older versions of the document if you realized that you've made a mistake.

In addition to these benefits, Office 365 also comes with a full range of mobile access for virtually all devices: Android, iOS (including iPhone and iPad), and Windows Phone. Windows Phone users receive an additional mobile perk with Outlook, which enables synced access to email.


Kelser can help you transition from your on premise or hosted email solutions to Office 365. Kelser knows how to ensure a smooth conversion while making sure that business-critical functionality is maintained. We also know how to help you to further leverage Office 365 within your organization so that you can save additional costs.

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