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Adam Stahl

By: Adam Stahl on March 5th, 2015

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What Is Microsoft Office 365?

Office 365

Simply put, Microsoft Office 365 is the brand name used to describe a group of software services subscriptions that offer productivity software services to its subscribers. Office 365 offers plans including email and social networking services for business and enterprise users. Users can connect via the Internet, set up an account, make payment, download the appropriate files, and go to work without the hassle of installation disks.


Whether people work for small or large companies, they typically work from multiple locations, using multiple devices throughout their day. Given this new trend, small businesses are beginning to realize that their competitive advantage comes from how they implement technology in and out of the office.

Small and midsized businesses have to be smart with their technology investments. Cloud services like Office 365 aren't just an affordable option; they also provide an opportunity to transform small businesses. They are easy to deploy and easy to manage. To learn more about how Office 365 can help, talk to a Kelser technology consultant or click here.

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