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Mark Lepak

In his role as a Senior Network Engineer, Mark sees first hand the difference that paying attention to the details can make. Whether addressing networking issues, recommending new technology, or installing upgrades to the current environment, he first looks at technology’s role in his client’s business and the potential impact of any change.

Blog Feature

Cybersecurity | Networking

By: Mark Lepak
June 13, 2019

Your network is one of the most critical parts of your business—which means that any technical issues will come at a high price. According to a study by ITIC Corporation, 81 percent of organizations estimate that a single hour of downtime would cost their business $300,000 or more.

Blog Feature

Wireless | Networking

By: Mark Lepak
January 15, 2019

Maybe your in-house IT staff is overworked, or perhaps you simply don’t have the expertise necessary to build a robust network infrastructure. Whatever the reason may be, a growing number of businesses have chosen to outsource much of the heavy lifting to a network services company. Although there are many network services providers out there, not all of them are the right fit for your business. However, just because you’re not an IT company doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to evaluate potential IT partners. Below, we’ll discuss the six most important traits that you should look for in a network services company.


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