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Rob Backus

By: Rob Backus on March 23, 2023

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6 Ways Proactive IT Support Helps Auto Dealers

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A lot has changed in the automotive industry. Everything is more technical from servicing engines to running a dealership

As an IT services provider that works with customers in this industry, we’ve seen the changes and have identified some creative ways auto dealers can use technology as an advantage

Let me say right now that I’m not writing this article to try to convince you to work with us. I’m writing it to provide honest, unbiased information you can use to help you make the right IT decisions for your business. 

In this article, I’ll provide 6 concrete ways that proactive IT can help improve the efficiency and bottom line of automotive dealerships.  

After reading this article, you’ll have all the facts you need to decide if technology could help improve your business model. And, you’ll have concrete next steps to take if you decide it’s right for you. 

Advantages Of Proactive IT For Auto Dealerships

Technology has become a vital backbone for all businesses. It’s become essential for everything from customer communication to purchasing to root-cause analysis. 

For example, sensors now help technicians identify issues with different vehicle systems and pinpoint areas to service. But there are more widespread advantages technology offers auto dealerships:

1. Security

Security is always at the top of my list. Whether you own a group of auto dealerships or a standalone business, your customers rely on you to protect their sensitive information


If you are the victim of a cyber attack or a natural disaster, proactive IT backups (that you know how to access) will make your business recovery easier and quicker

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Guest Network

Many businesses use technology to keep data safe by creating a separate network for visitors. Having two different communication channels keeps your internal network and information safe while providing internet access for your customers

Monitoring & Maintenance

Proactive IT care can ensure that your systems have the latest updates and patches installed so your business has all of the current tools you need to keep your business and sensitive customer information safe. 

It also ensures that your network is safe, available, and efficient, minimizing the expense and inconvenience of downtime.

Mobile Device Management

One of the benefits of proactive IT is that you can remotely set up, monitor and support mobile devices (including phones and tablets). And, if a device is lost or stolen you can lock it or wipe it clean remotely, keeping sensitive information out of the hands of criminals. 

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Awareness Training

Proactive IT often comes with security awareness training for your employees, empowering them with the information they need to keep your systems and network safe

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2. Strategic Support

Many proactive IT support offerings include the services of a virtual chief information officer (vCIO) and a technical alignment manager (TAM)

These specialists work together to blend a comprehensive knowledge of your infrastructure with their wide-ranging industry knowledge to provide strategic technology direction that can optimize your business. 

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3. Networking & Communication

Your technology network is the lifeline for communication between your internal users and customers. Technology can also help streamline communications between remote sites and allow for safe document sharing. 

When your network is down, business grinds to a halt. When your network is clogged, business slows to a turtle pace. Proactive IT ensures that your network is always ready to support and enable what’s next for your business.

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4. Improved Customer Experience 

Technology also can help automotive businesses improve the customer experience. From buying a car through an online portal to streamlining the paperwork process at the dealer, technology offers significant time and process efficiencies

And, providing a guest network as we mentioned above provides not only security for your network, but convenience for your on-site customers for whom phones and other devices are lifelines to their work and home commitments. 

I’ve even heard of businesses that use phones or tablets to shoot a quick video of issues or repairs completed to provide as much information as possible to customers. 

5. Enhanced User Experience

Equally important to the customer experience are the working conditions of your users.

When technical equipment fails, your staff isn’t able to work. By taking a proactive approach to IT, you know when your devices are reaching the end of life so you can plan ahead (allowing for supply chain issues and budgetary resources) to replace them before they fail. 

Keeping devices maintained and operational is just one way to keep your users happy and productive.

6. Predictable Cost & Budgeting

Proactive IT is a subscription-based option in which businesses pay one consistent monthly fee for ongoing technology service and support. With proactive IT, your technology is constantly monitored to keep your business up and running. 

This approach gives you the information you need to budget accurately and minimize the financial hits associated with surprise repairs and upgrades.

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What’s The Best IT Solution for Your Automotive Business? 

You are an expert at vehicles and running your business. You may not have all of the skills you need to manage your network. 

Maybe you have someone on staff who handles some of your IT needs. That’s a great start!

After reading this article, you now know 6 ways proactive IT support can help auto dealers. Whether you are interested in security, strategic support, networking & communication, improving customer experience, enhancing the experience of your users, or predictable cost & budgeting, external IT support may be able to help. 

If you are looking to bolster your onsite IT resources or fully outsource your technology needs, learn your options for external IT support

Our experience has shown that no matter the size of the organization, all IT infrastructures need the same types of comprehensive care just on a different scale. After reading this article, if you are considering proactive IT support find out what managed IT includes and how much it costs.   

Wondering how managed IT might help your auto dealership? Check out this success story.

Not sure if you need managed IT? Click the link below for a free self-guided checklist you can use to:

✔️Evaluate your current IT infrastructure and processes

✔️Identify your current IT gaps and pinpoint what your business needs

✔️Ensure that your organization has the technology it needs to be successful

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Rob Backus is a systems engineer who never stops thinking about the technology of our clients. A Kelser employee for more than 30 years, Rob enjoys the challenge of troubleshooting problems and has a reputation for exceptional customer service, making sure technology helps customers succeed.

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