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Randi Schaeffer

Randi is a Systems Engineer at Kelser with nearly 15 years of experience helping organizations gain a competitive advantage with technology.

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Cybersecurity | Managed Services | Compliance | IT Support | Efficiency

By: Randi Schaeffer
May 23, 2024

When business leaders think about technology, it is often “out of sight, out of mind.” As long as their technology environment is operating smoothly, they usually don’t give much thought to their IT infrastructure.

Blog Feature

Workforce Enablement

By: Randi Schaeffer
November 03, 2022

With the proliferation of mobile devices (like tablets, smartphones, and tablets) in the workplace, it has become more important than ever to be able to remotely and securely manage these devices. That’s where mobile device management (MDM) comes in.


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By: Randi Schaeffer
January 05, 2021

Picture this scenario that I’m guessing you’ve experienced before: you’re typing away at your computer when your manager asks you to swing by their desk to check out something related to the project you’ve been working on. You get up to head over – this project has been your main focus lately so keeping it moving forward is crucial - and then you pause as you are about to leave your desk. You’ve left your computer unlocked. IT always tells you how important it is to lock your computer whenever you leave it but there’s no one visiting the office today and you’ll just be gone for a few minutes. There are plenty of other employees around, so it’s probably not a huge deal, right? That pause and line of thinking is why I wanted to write this post.

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